Steam Castle is a dedicated high quality gaming computer case with great compatibility of up to 320mm graphic card installation. Steam punk style bold presentation has made steam castle a unique computer case. Its excellent ventilation performance is contributed by multiple air channels on front, rear, top and bottom panel equipped with a 200mm pre-installed fan provides maximum air flow for heat dissipation. 

Innovative and Inspired Design

Multi-features High Quality Gaming Case

Independent two 2.5 drive-bays supports SSD RAID build-up.

Great space capacity for up to 320mm and dual graphics card SLI installation.

Tools-free 2.5/ 3.5 SSD and HDD installation.

Pre-installed 200mm fan in the front panel.

Preinstalled 120mm black fan.

Top panel supports up to 240mm fan/ cooling radiator.

Dedicated MATX motherboard installation.

Aesthetic Appearance with Bold Presentation

Highly DIY Operable

Interchangeable LED light of blue, red and green on the top punks.

Visible acrylic side window.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Detachable cover on the front panel for drive bay.

Detachable strip on the front panel for dust cleaning.

Three air intake channel with dust filter.

Detailed and Constructive Architecture

Convenient PC Access

USB ports, plugholes and switches on the side panel.

LED top punks light control on the side panel.

Adjustable LED lightness.

Protective Approaches to Guard Your PC Components

Supports CPU liquid cooler.

Supports 120mm or 140mm fan installation.

Supports up to 2 PCI graphics card installation.

Bottom located PSU for better space management.

3cm ground lifted design for PSU heat dissipation.

Shock absorber pad for PSU protection.

Detachable dust filter under PSU.

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