Nintendo Mario Party DS for Nintendo DS

Nintendo Mario Party DS for Nintendo DS

Mario Party DS
Published by:- Nintendo
Developed by:- Nintendo
Genre:- Party
Version:- US

Summary:- Everything you love about Mario the palm of your hand!
The party boards and minigames are crazier than ever in a new title that shrinks down the whole Mario crew for whimsical party play. Mario Party DS brings back a play dynamic from previous games: putting traps on board spaces. Players can obtain Hexes, such as the Coin Swap Hex, then stick them on board spaces in the hope that other players stop on them.

  •  Beat Bowser in the race to the crystals
  •  Single player story campaign in five different giant locations
  •  Unlock mini-games as you progress
  •  Play in Story, Puzzle or Minigame modes
  •  Four person multiplayer option


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