Milton Bradley Board Games (CD-ROM)

Milton Bradley Board Games (CD-ROM)

Don't Play With Strangers With the Milton Bradley collection of Classic Board Games, you get the best selection of everyone's beloved classic games. With no pieces to lose, these games will entertain your entire family for hours. This exciting collection allows you to save games in progress, play against a wide variety of computer opponents each with unique characteristics, and have a great time. The Milton Bradley collection of Classic Board Games captures the spirit of the original gameplay, mixes in rich graphics and animation, and offers great family fun for everyone.

Multiplayer Hot-seat play with up to 4 players, or challenge opponents over the Internet.

On-Screen Tutorials Ace, your animated host, explains each game in complete detail. It's the easy way to learn how to play.

Exciting Animated Characters Choose any one of ten fully animated characters as your own. Then select your level of play and get ready for fun.

High Scores Keep tabs on your progress, games won and lost, and your highest score. See if you can get to the Master level.

Includes Branded & Classic Favorites!

* Chess
* Checkers
* Connect Four
* Dominoes
* Parcheesi
* Pente
* Backgammon

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