iTempo800CD 2.1CH iPod Dock Speaker - Built in Tuner CD iPod Ala
iTempo 2.1CH iPod Dock Speaker iTempo 800CD - Supports USB , LCD display , CD Player , Built in Tuner , Supports SD/MMC

SW-Tempo 800CD 2.1 High Performance Audio System Your Home Entertainment Music Center SW-Tempo 800CD is a fantastic 2.1 audio system that comes equipped with an integrated subwoofer, CD player, iPod dock, AM/FM tuner, USB flash disk slot and SD/MMC card slot. This compact all-purpose 2.1 audio system has two built in 2 full-range drivers and one 4 woofer, delivers up to 20 watts RMS output power, and gives you richer, deeper and more accurate sound performance better than normal iPod speaker system does. SW-Tempo 800CD supports USB disk (USB1.1 and 2.0) and SD/MMC card to playback files and show the ID3 tag on the LCD display. The AM and FM Tuner has 20 preset stations each and has good reception. Other features include a clock and alarm with wake up and sleep features. You can set the Music EQ (Flat, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Pop) and Self EQ (Bass and Treble) features. There are also two line-in jacks for connecting to other audio sources and one headphone jack for private listening and a line out jack. A full function remote control can be used for total command. Just connect an iPod, MP3 player, pen drive, SD/MMC card, play a CD, turn on the radio or another audio source to SW-Tempo 800CD and enjoy your favorite music your way.
Powerful bass. Subwoofer inside for richer and deeper bass sound effect.
Designed for iPods with dock cradles for playback and charging.
Supports USB disk compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0 playback.
Large and bright LCD display is easy to read.
Alarm function for wake up and sleep
Aux line out for extension function.
CD uses standard 12 cm (4 3/4) compact discs
Built in Tuner. FM and AM have 20 preset stations each
Supports SD/MMC card to playback files
Feature menu for Clock/Timer /EQ/SELF EQ/ID3 functions
Headphone jack for private listening.
Wireless remote control for total command
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